Welcome to Pine Crest!

For over 40 years, Pine Crest has been worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pine Crest was built and rests upon The Solid Rock of Jesus Christ.  2 Samuel 22: 2-3,
Matthew 7: 24-25

Jesus taught us that we should love God with all that we have, and the we should love our neighbor as ourselves. Matthew 22: 37-40

Accordingly, we believe it is the duty of any Christian church to put God first by showing his love to all the world around us. Our hope and prayer is that we can serve all those in our sphere of influence (THIS INCLUDES YOU) by showing and sharing the love that Jesus first showed to mankind when he gave his life for us. Our sincere desire is that as you come to know Pine Crest, you will come to know the Love of God. We realize the best way to show God's Love and to show that we love God is to love one another.
John 13: 34-35

We invite you to share in the love that God offers to us freely. If you don't know Jesus Christ as your Saviour, find a place of prayer and ask him to Save you. Believe in who Jesus really is and confess this belief. Romans 10: 8-11

We live in a world of corruption, uncertainty, deception, and constant change. However, regardless of your race, creed, color, national origin, sex, political affiliation, or beliefs, YOU can count on these UNCHANGING TRUTHS:

God Has Provided THE Way of Salvation.  Psalms 118: 19-24

His Name is Jesus Christ  Acts 4: 10-12

Pontus Pilate, once Roman governor of the Judean province, asked Jesus "What is Truth?" In another instance, Thomas, one of Jesus' disciples, asked Jesus "How can we know the way?" Many people are asking these same questions today. We thank God the answer is still the same...  John 14: 6-7

If you do not regularly attend a place of worship, we invite you join us at Pine Crest. We have nothing to boast of beyond Jesus Christ, but we assure you that God Loves You, Pine Crest Loves You, and YOU are Welcome at Pine Crest Baptist Church!

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